Bill Bennett

Bill Bennett

On AI art and Stable Diffusion in particular

There’s something wrong with a world where one needs to use the words “no nudity” when setting up a Stable Diffusion AI art prompt.

Surely “no nudity” should be the default? I have many doubts about this technology, the power use is ridiculous and a huge amount of intellectual property theft is nodded through.

Yet nothing is more off-putting and more indicative of moral bankruptcy than the realisation that the assumption that one uses these tools primarily for smut consumption. It’s not just objectification of women, some of the models treat men as sex objects too.

On top of that, what is it with Stable Diffusion models and breasts? Nine out of ten generated images of women have unnaturally large breasts. This adds to the underlying not-quite-safe-for-work vibe.

It is possible to navigate these issues and create safe for work images, but that’s not the prevailing culture of the Stable Diffusion scene. It needs to clean up its act.