Microsoft dabbling with Android devices…. I can’t decide if this is a stroke of genius or a sign the end times are upon us.

Spark marks Te Reo Māori week with Kupu update

Spark has updated its free Kupu Te Reo Māori mobile app and included a version for desktop computers and tablets.

The original app was launched a year ago in a joint project with Te Aka Māori Dictionary and Google. In that time it had over 177,000 downloads, over 2.7million translated images and around 6000 daily users.…

So Westpac gave me a new credit card after a security scare. No problem. Until today. My domain registration should have auto-renewed, but it failed because of the new card. Even though I manually paid the invoice, my site and email have been offline now for 48 hours.

‪Found a web site that blatantly scraps my site and publishes my stories under its own bylines removing any internal links. Sure this has always happened, but the latest example is the most extreme copyright theft I’ve seen in recent times.‬

It may be in bad taste to say this now, but when Queen Elizabeth departs, we should replace the Queen’s Birthday public holiday with Matariki.

When I was a child in the UK, a TV advert would tell me: “A million housewives every day would pick up a tin of beans”. I now suspect that was never true.

KDC’s attempt to buy an election and some of his antics around that time flopped badly, it came out of that looking worse than when he went in.

Dotcom hasn’t been treated well by New Zealand. That said, there is (or was) a case to answer. Mind you it was cowardly to single out KDC for punishment when he was doing what some of the biggest (and richest) brands in the world were doing.

I no longer need to keep an objective distance about Kim Dotcom. Sure he is dodgy, but despite the vast wealth he made, it’s Dell-boy dodgy, not helicopters and armed-raid dodgy.


I wonder if the NZ Herald paywall has had any impact on the NBR? Anyone know? It’s probably not a zero sum game, but even so.

a Huawei thought

Navigating the Huawei story is one of the toughest jobs in technology journalism at the moment. There are many facts and statements, lots of suppositions swirling around, but no smoking guns, no hard evidence of wrong doing.

Huawei may have a case to answer, but that question is almost submerged now. A lot of damage is already done, not just to Huawei but to supply chains as well. I can’t ever remember seeing a company taken down like this before. One danger is that it could have created a precedent. Who might be next?

‪Amazed that those people who constantly talk about the power of “market forces” can’t draw a straight line between teacher’s pay and teacher shortages. ‬

Orcon first to trial residential 10Gbps broadband

I’m impressed. Orcon makes a fetish of being the fastest, geekiest ISP, this is another feather in its cap.…

12 years with WordPress. I started about the time of the first iPhone.

Last night I was thinking: “Why didn’t Samsung’s DeX pad do better”. On paper it looks great but it doesn’t seem to have fired up the market. Then I remembered how dreadful Android can be on anything other than a phone.…

That moment when you wonder “do I have a cold coming on?” Then check there’s at least one lemon and a pot of honey in the kitchen.

One of my biggest frustrations with the iPad, and a reason I can’t drop using a tradition computer yet, is that it’s difficult to do something trivial like copy a document from OneDrive to Dropbox. Never mind what you think of OneDrive and Dropbox, it’s a productivity barrier.

Pile on.

Microsoft removes Huawei’s MateBook X Pro from its online store, stays silent on whether it will prevent Huawei from obtaining Windows licenses for its devices (Tom Warren/The Verge)…

Facebook and Google pressured EU experts to soften fake news regulations, say insiders - openDemocracy

The Most Expensive Lesson Of My Life: Details of SIM port hack

He lost US$100 grand in cryptocurrency through his phone… yikes.

Any other New Zealand folk on

Is anyone out there working on ways to integrate this into a WordPress site?…

Also, I like the idea of bringing back webrings. Researching that will keep me out of mischief this weekend.…

Matthias Ott just reminded me to check the microformat stuff was working on my site (it wasn’t).

These things are important.…

Hey @vincent, I can see plenty of stuff about developing Glueon and it being cross platform, but I can’t see much about what it actually does.