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Google News can be frustrating to deal with.

Because I run a one-person site, news stories on my site don’t qualify for Google News.

But I syndicate my stories to Scoop, where they are picked up by Google News, I don’t get the link, Scoop does.

PimEyes, Chorus fast fibre, fake photos, telecoms merger

On Thursday I was on RNZ’s Nine-to-Noon programme talking about technology.…

Segment covers fears of Pimeyes, a service that can find people’s photos on the internet and has an ethically troubling business model.

Also talk about people being more comfortable with fake faces than the real thing.

Cover Chorus' move to introduce 25 Gbps fibre broadband and the merger that means 2degrees is able to challenge the telecoms market leaders.

I don’t want to be a person who tells a call centre worker I’ll move my account if I don’t get satisfaction. But our broadband has been unreliable for two months and it is starting to hurt my ability to earn a living.

They tell me WiFi is the problem, but I can show it is not.

So it turns out the Google Docs file I spent a day working on and thought was lost was stored in a different client’s workspace. I only two clients who use Gsuite and forget to log-in and out of accounts at the right moments. Is there a workaround for this problem?

Today I filed my GST and paid the largest amount of tax since before Covid, which, if you stop to think about it, is actually a good sign. It means my freelance writing business is getting back to normal.

Apple’s voice recognition struggles with my accent.

I’m a pom who has lived in New Zealand for 25 years, was in Australia for 10. The British version doesn’t get me at all. The New Zealand option does better, but the Australian works best of all.

No. I can’t explain it either.

From earlier this morning: Breakfast of champions at Daily Bread, Auckland.

DIgital subscriptions that autorenew claim to be ‘convienent’ for customers. Yeah right.

On the other hand they are super convienent for the companies if their customers don’t keep a close eye on renewal dates.

Was hoping 2022 would be the year I could get away with not renewing the Microsoft Office subscription. I only use it in emergencies. But my household senior management says she needs it for her work.

Zoom works first time every time when I’m invited to a video conference meeting. Microsoft Teams generally requires a software reinstall and a MacOS reboot before a meeting can get underway.

Project for when I don’t have a work backlog to deal with: change my email signature to point people at my newsletter instead of at my website.

It used to be a struggle getting coffee after 3pm in New Zealand. Since Covid, the cut-off time at many cafes is now closer to 2pm. Makes it hard for later-in-the-day business meetings that really should not involve alcohol.

This came today: 15 years with WordPress.

Noticed that my iPhone turned off WiFi Calling during this week’s software update. Didn’t miss any calls at home but did suffer a few with ropey reception.

⚽️This could be one of those English Premier League seasons where one of the clubs that will be relgated doesn’t really deserve to drop. Norwich and Watford are fair game, but it would seem harsh if Leeds went down.

One curious, unexpected side effect of Covid: not wanting to drink alcohol.

I’m not a huge drinker and rarely touch anything stronger than wine, but most days I can’t even face that at the moment. Not every day though.

I switched to iCloud mail hosting because I can use my domain name.

On the whole everything works well, it’s at least as smooth as Gmail.

Except for spam. GMail is so much better at spotting spam. iCloud Mail misses half of it and censors too much genuine mail

Sometimes the best computer is a tablet.

My NZBusiness column.…

Yeserday I was thinking “I haven’t had post-Covod brain fog for days now, perhaps it has gone for good”…

… no such luck.

Those ‘crypto fraud’ news stories are not going away.…

Electric seagliders sound cool. Probably not great for the choppy waters around New Zealand though.…

I’d be interested to know if there has been any research to find out if cruise ships actually produce the economic effect on visited cities that their supporters claim.

Love @netnewswire, it’s great on Mac, iPad and iPhone. by far the best way to deal with feeds.

My only quibble, it’s not really a complaint or a support issue, is that I’ve somehow managed to get out of sync on the iPhone and have no idea how to fix that.

A test post to see if Microblog is cross-posting to Twitter. It wasn’t earlier.

Although I was technically over Covid ten days ago, this is the first day that I feel normal again. That’s a long tail for a virus… normally I bounce back fast.

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