Bill Bennett

Bill Bennett

Sustainable Business and Finance in the NZ Herald

Over the last decade I’ve written more than 300 features for the NZ Herald’s business reports. Perhaps the most noticeable change in that time is how the idea of business sustainability has gone from being a theory to being mainstream. There are few large New Zealand companies that don’t have a strong sustainability story.

Sure, you’ll find greenwashing, and it’s not always perfect. There is still a long way to go, but the progress is real.

In this year’s Sustainable Business report I interviewed ToitÅ« chief science and advisory officer Belinda Mathers who works to certify companies as they reduce or even eliminate emissions.

There’s a story about RDT working with Auckland Airport to build a retail centre that takes sustainability a long way beyond emissions reductions.

Waste Management is moving fast to electrify one of New Zealand’s largest commercial vehicle fleets.

Law firm MinterEllisonRuddWatts wants New Zealand to get a move on building more clean electricity generation capacity.

And I interviewed Abbie Reynolds from the Nature Conservancy about looking for a fresh approach to conservation and protecting the natural environment.