Bill Bennett

Bill Bennett

Farewell Pebble

I’m sad, but not surprised to see Pebble has pulled the plug on its Twitter alternative.

The site never got past basic functionality, there was never a Pebble app.

Pebble was intended to be, and, up to a point, delivered on being, a non-toxic, calmer, version of Twitter.

There were some good ideas embedded in the site.

But it wasn’t that interesting or engaging. Pebble wasn’t the place for breaking news. It didn’t achieve a critical mass in the communities or subject areas that interest me.

I found my visits were fewer and further between.

Worst of all, Pebble was too cut off from the rest of the web. If there is a viable path on from Twitter, the idea of ActivityPub has to be in there somewhere.

And that is the lesson of Pebble’s demise: any new social media alternative needs to fit into the wider online context.