Bill Bennett

Bill Bennett

Linkedin madness

Six years ago I quit using Linkedin and closed my account. I explain why in a blogpost.

My work as a journalist means I sometimes need to use Linkedin to research job titles and work histories. For a while I could do this without having an account. Linkedin now insists on an account before letting me see people’s profiles.

So I did what any sensible person would do. I made up a fake account using an annoymous email address and connect using a secure private browser.

For my fake profile, I used the most humble job title I could think of. And a seriously humble experience list. There are no connections. I list no qualifications.

Even this fake account gets the occssional connection request. But it’s the jobs that are “recommended for you” that crack me up. One of them that came up to day, was quite literally, for a rocket scientist. Or, at least, a scientific role at Rocket Lab in Auckland.