Bill Bennett

Bill Bennett

Farewell WordPress

It’s time to move on from WordPress. Because I’m not a developer, I now find the PHP code incomprehensible. Back in the day I could at least follow what was going on and fix errors even if I could never write a line of new code. It has become too complex.

But the real issue is Gutenberg. To use a cliche, it’s not so much that I’ve left WordPress, more that the old WordPress I knew has left me.

I’m going to keep the .com account, but let my managed hosting account die when it comes up for renewal. I’ll use this site for my personal blogging and have moved to Ghost, which has some marvellous newsletter features.

It’s strange that this planned move is taking place just as everyone is bailing out from Twitter, but it may not be a co-incidence. I feel both are at some kind of turning point.