Bill Bennett

Bill Bennett

Moving mail from G-Suite to iCloud

At the start of the year Google gave notice that the grandfathered G-suite accounts that let people use their domain name in Gmail addressess was about to stop.

I moved my own-domain-name email account to iCloud, my familiy storage subscription means it is a pro-account and can be used with the domain name at no extra cost.

The move went relatively smoothly, there was a heart-in-the-mouth moment at the switch over where nothing happened for an hour or two but then it worked perfectly well.

On the whole it is good. What is curious, but should not be a surprise, is that a different type of spam gets through iCloud’s filters. The spam that made it through Google’s filters has gone, but now I get at least two spams a day telling me my never-existed McAfee software subscription has lapsed and my computer is vulnerable.

iCloud filters a lot of junk mail, but I’ve found it’s more agressive with incoming sales email. Most of the time I’m good with that, but it did mean I missed my insurance premium when the letter and the reminder both ended up in my junk folder.