The Most Expensive Lesson Of My Life: Details of SIM port hack

He lost US$100 grand in cryptocurrency through his phone… yikes.

Any other New Zealand folk on

Is anyone out there working on ways to integrate this into a WordPress site?…

Also, I like the idea of bringing back webrings. Researching that will keep me out of mischief this weekend.…

Matthias Ott just reminded me to check the microformat stuff was working on my site (it wasn’t).

These things are important.…

Hey @vincent, I can see plenty of stuff about developing Glueon and it being cross platform, but I can’t see much about what it actually does.

‪I can do about 95 to 97 percent of the things I need to do on my iPad Pro, the main problem stopping me from going all in is web-based aps that insist on treating the iPad like an iPhone. ‬

Pretty soon I’m just going to cut those apps from my life.

The term “content” is a barbarism that bit by bit devalues what journalists do.

  • Jay Rosen, Chair of Journalism at New York University

Is there a semiologist out there? I’m interested to know why the poo emoji is smiling.

Netflix is the ultimate embodiment of Bruce Springsteen’s “57 Channels and Nothing on”.

May not be wise if the reports of screen breaks on review machines extend to the production run.

Huawei P30 Pro review update

Added this postscript to my Huawei P30 Pro review.…

When I reviewed the P30 Pro, I charged the phone with a USB-C cable that I already had set up for other devices. In part that was because the phone was supplied with a Chinese power supply.

While packing the phone up to return to Huawei, I tested the supplied USB-2 to USB-C cable. It doesn’t work.

This is an example of sloppiness that you wouldn’t expect to find with rival brands and goes some way to explain why Huawei’s core mobile network business faces problems.…

“You may wonder if there’s a market for a 7.9-inch iPad when you can buy a 6.5-inch iPhone.”

Well yes there is. It’s bigger than you might think.…

Started working on a review of the Audiofly AF56W wireless headphones. One of the points I was planning to make was that they are harder to lose than the Apple AirPods.

Went out for coffee. Came back to carry on testing.

I think you can guess what happened next.

Stuff makes a spat over development sound like an assault.

Agree. Also, the headline does that clever “show not tell” thing….


So, to clarify, the only part of Apple’s announcement that matters for New Zealand is the gaming service and possibly more Apple TV content one of these days.

A view from someone who isn’t a gamer but knows how the tech business works:

Apple Arcade looks like a far better proposition than Google’s Stadia, but so long as both are playable, that will count for nothing if its games aren’t as good.

Was interviewed on NewstalkZB about Apple TV Channels and TV Plus.

Short version: Nice to have more choice, but, based on today’s announcement this won’t change things much for New Zealand consumers.

A day trip to China is hard yakka. The PM had better not be flying economy.

PM Ardern to visit China for one-day meeting with Xi, Li - Scoop News

True story about growing up in England

When I was six or seven I loved comics. A character in The Dandy or The Beano once said: “That family is so posh they eat fish and chips from a plate with knives and forks”.

Unless we were out at the beach, that’s what our family always did. So I thought we were posh… until I met someone who actually was posh.

Asking clients or citizens to contact you via Facebook isn’t quite on a par with asking them to scribble a note inside the cover of Mein Kampf. But it’s a step down that path.

100 Proofs that the Earth is a Globe

Number 5: Horizon dip angle…

Benchmark pegs Apple’s new iPad Air or iPad mini at 2.49GHz with 3GB of RAM…

This is one to watch. Will be fascinating.

Sprint Takes Out Full Page NYT Ad Calling Out AT&T for Misleading 5GE Branding - MacRumors